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Welcome back to a new school year! The first day of classes will be Wednesday, September 9th. 

Students should arrive at the school at 8 a.m. on that day. We will be using the entrance on West 92nd Street, not the main entrance on West 93rd. Our students will be directed to the cafeteria, where staff will be waiting to direct them to their homeroom teachers. 

All students will be dismissed at the 92nd Street entrance at 2:45. We will be following the same procedure every day, with students entering the building on 92nd Street by 8 a.m. and dismissed on 92nd Street at 2:45.

Also, here are links to supply lists for each grade: 

sixth grade supplies 2015
seventh grade supplies 2015
eight grade supplies 2015

School Tours for Fifth Grade Families: 

During the coming months, we are holding school tours for fifth grade students and their families. The following dates are available currently: 
  • Thursday, October 22nd 
  • Thursday, October 29th
  • Thursday, November 5th
Tours will last from 8:45 until 10:00. During your time at the school, you will have the chance to speak with the principal about the academic and enrichment programs, ask questions of students and visit classrooms. 

We also have scheduled an open house on Tuesday, November 10th, from 6:15 - 7:30 p.m. 

We will be adding additional tours as the above dates fill. 

When you visit the school, please be sure to bring your child along. We will provide tour attendance letters to excuse your child's lateness to morning classes. 

To register for the tour, email Parent Coordinator Karla Fittipaldi - kfittipaldi@schools.nyc.gov, or call her at 212-678-5888. 

We look forward to seeing you at our school!


Out school calendar will be updated regularly about upcoming events, as well as school holidays. We do want to emphasize the following items for the first month of the school year: 

First, there will be no classes on the following days because of Jewish and Muslim holidays: 
  • Monday and Tuesday, September 14th and 15th
  • Wednesday and Thursday, September 23rd and 24th
Also, we hope that all of you will come to the Open School Night on Tuesday, September 29th, from 6 - 8 p.m. Sixth, seventh and eighth grade families will have a general orientation in the school auditorium. Afterwards, sixth and seventh grade families will visit their children's classrooms, and eighth grade families will have an orientation for the high school application process. See you then!


During the next few weeks, we will be updating the bar on the right labeled "High school planning." It will lead you to a page that provides many resources to assist the high school application process, including links to high school directories for each of the boroughs. The high school application calendar provides dates for many of the upcoming high school open houses. Remember: attendance at open houses will have a big impact on your child's success in applying for the best high schools!

And please remember that an orientation on the high school application process will be part of our Open School Night activities on Tuesday, September 29th. 

School tours for fifth grade families - 

Starting in early October, we will be holding school tours for fifth grade families. Check back late September for tour dates and RSVP for a visit to the school. 

For information call Parent Coordinator Karla Fittipaldi at
212-678-5888, extension 2 or emailing her at kfittipaldi@schools.nyc.gov.

Chancellor Carmen Fariña visits CAS

This Tuesday, October 14th, we had the pleasure of hosting Chancellor Fariña for a morning visit to our school. In addition to learning about our academic program, Chancellor Fariña had the opportunity to hear about our many after-school and weekend enrichment programs. The above students spoke with the Chancellor about drama, cross country, yoga, soccer, photography, Saturday Academy, Hunter Learning Lab, among others, all activities that provide students with a rich middle school life. 

Here is Chancellor Fariña's write-up on her visit, appearing in her weekly Principals' Notes: 

A thoughtful, personalized and diverse toolkit of interventions await student at MS 258, Community Action School in Manhattan, including a strong arts program, a focus on student leadership and social-emotional support, as well as creative scheduling for students with special needs. Principal John Curry hosts  international students and partners with a sister school from Guatemala. Students research the country’s water needs and raise money to assist the school. A Saturday Academy and an after-school program make this a unique learning community.


CAS has become the sister school of Rural Mixed School “Chacayá Number One,” a program serving 124 kindergarten through sixth grade students in the Central American country of Guatemala. The school serves children in the small town of San Antonio Chacayá, located in a mountainous area that produces large quantities of coffee.

One interesting fact about the school is that the first language for many students is the indigenous dialect tz’utujil, and that children learn to read, write and speak Spanish while in the school. Also, during part of the school year students help their families pick coffee beans for many hours early in the morning and late in the afternoon, and must attend their classes from 7:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. Think about that next time you feel your day is long!

This year, CAS will be raising funds for the Chacayá School library, which currently has a very small number of books. (See the picture below). The Community Service Club will be planning fundraising projects this fall. Stay tuned for the details of their work. 

Students from the Chacayá School

The school library in process of being set up and filled with books. 

Chacayá school librarian giving a lesson to young students. 

The entrance of the Escuela Rural Mixta Chacaya No. 1

A street scene of San Antonio Chacaya with Lake Atitlan in the background. 

Street scene of San Antonio Chacaya

Check it out!


Inside Schools has named Community Action School as one of New York City's "Notable Schools." Its writeup about on CAS celebrates the program that our staff, students and parents have built together. Click here to read the review.

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